Hailing from the North of England, Straegor is a one-man Dungeon Synth Project founded in 2021. Taking inspiration from other forms of music outside of Dungeon Synth, Straegor seeks to add Baroque, Doom Metal and Darkwave elements through the use of symphonic sounds and occasionally distorted guitars – something carried over from past days of playing guitar in Black / Doom bands such as Koboloris and Miseria Visage. The aim is to invoke the feeling of exploring a mist-shrouded ancient crypt or wandering through the halls of an abandoned, haunted castle – journeying to a past that never was.

Straegor’s debut EP ‘Crypt of the Baleful’ was released through the Three Rooks Records collective on December 30th 2021 and work has already begun on a follow up release for the following year.